Subscription information

Hey everyone, 

I’m writing to you to announce some changes to the newsletter and the subscription options. I’ve decided to insert the paywall at the beginning of the 5+ years of experience category. Internships, fellowships, and entry level jobs will remain available to free subscribers, but for more experienced folks, you will need to sign up for the paid subscription to see more senior job listings. 

Up until now, the free subscriptions and paid subscriptions have been the same product. The paid version was a good option for folks who wanted to financially support the effort that goes into putting this thing together each week. Starting in 2024, I’m going to change things up. I’m going to increase the monthly subscription fee by $1 to $6, and the annual subscription will increase by $10 to $60. The price of the newsletter hasn’t increased since I started offering subscriptions through Substack back in 2021, while the price of everything else has increased. This price increase has allowed me to move to Ghost for website and newsletter hosting. Ghost is carbon neutral, while Substack intentionally platforms Nazis, as well as a variety of other wing nuts and climate deniers. It came to the point where I looked at what was appearing along side my newsletter and I just could not stay on Substack any longer.

Options to earn a free subscription

I will comp subscribers who send more than five jobs per month.

I don’t want inability to pay to be a barrier to helping people find a job, so if you are experiencing financial hardship, let me know and I can comp you a subscription. You can respond to any email from this newsletter. Please include your email address where you receive the newsletter in the body of the email.